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  • Classroom Technology 2016

    123123   E-learning   Schools are beginning to adopt new approaches to teaching and learning with traditional methods now being supplemented by e-learning and a wave of new, sophisticated technology in the classroom. York University has recently built a £60 million college that embraces this new philosophy. Every classroom now has a digital projector known as a SMART board in addition to speakers, amplifier and a docking station. All of the boards can also connect wirelessly via superfast broadband to tablet computers.       SMART boards   SMART interactive white boards are the latest state-of-the-art tech to feature in classrooms across the UK. These sophisticated overhead projectors offer a range of benefits in a learning environment. They can showcase many different forms of media including maps, photos and graphs and allow both students and teachers to interact and share through writing, touching and drawing. They are low-maintenance and environmentally friendly and can be integrated with other tech items such as cameras, microscopes to enhance the experience. Research shows the boards also increase student participation significantly.   Promethean's ActivInspire boards offer a dual interface so the material show can be switched from Studio to Primary depending on the age of the students. It also has cross-platform compatibility across Windows, Linux and Mac devices and can integrate files from a wide range of applications including Adobe and Microsoft PowerPoint. Information can also be directly streamed from websites.   Interactive tablets   Interactive tablets are bringing lessons and learning to life. Students no longer have to only copy text or read written text to learn, they can also access a plethora of engaging content via apps and other software on personal PCs and tablets. Students can use educational and video editing apps, games and writing software to improve their comprehension in a specific subject.   Take home tech   These anywhere and everywhere devices can also be taken home so kids can log in when they are not at school and continue learning. The individual logins can be used across multiple devices so it is getting even easier for children to engage when they are not in an education environment. This allows a student to work on a project at school on one tablet and then log back in later in the evening on a separate Windows device. The digital age also enables students to complete homework or assignments when they are commuting to and from school.   Handheld devices   Promethean's innovative classroom software can also provide teachers with instant, real time feedback from their students using smartphones, iPods and other iOS and Android devices. Promethean's ActivEngage2 platform is a virtual student response system. It is a flexible resource that can be shaped to a child's needs for learning. It gives instant feedback and allows teachers to gauge how well their students are grasping the concepts being taught. It has also a self-paced mode so students are not rushed and can work at their own pace.   Remote learning   Classrooms are now pairing with other locations across the globe to learn languages and for cultural lessons. This style of remote learning is similar to video conferencing and has been used to call schools in France, Spain, China and Japan in order to provide a fresh learning experience to youngsters in the UK.

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