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Should I buy a 4K TV?

another-4K-300x250 For a few years now, various TV manufacturers have enjoyed showing off extremely high-end 4K TVs at trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Everything from 80-inch curved TVs to 124-inch TVs on a stand has been fitted with a 4K display. The question now remains; do you really need a 4K TV? Short answer: not just yet. 4K, or 3840 x 2160, is not supported by most broadcast companies right now.         Netflix & Amazon Prime However, Netflix broadcast a few TV shows and films in 4K now if you upgrade your subscription and the 4K library is likely to grow in the next few months. It’s also the same story for Amazon Prime; so if you enjoy both these services then buying a 4K TV may just be worth it for you at this stage. Price The price for a 4K TV is also a concern, one that will be addressed as more TVs come with smaller displays and cheaper aesthetics. Right now, most manufacturers are showboating achievements rather than cutting the costs of 4K for the average homeowner, meaning the typical 4K TV is still way too expensive for most families. Gamer Monitors 4K monitors are starting to see some decrease in price, so for gamers it might be an option to move to 4K. The support issue is still relevant, since a lot of game developers do not add 3840 x 2160 resolution options, but the odd game that does offer this resolution makes for a great sitting. The Future Give it a couple of years and 4K TV adoption may surpass 1080p, which has only recently become the trend for homeowners. Right now, the only people that should be interested in 4K is those that produce film or TV content, or people with too much money who love buzzwords. Make no mistake, 4K is definitely an amazing improvement when it comes to pixel density, giving a much sharper and bolder image. Samsung, LG, Sharp and other display providers have touted it as the best innovation on television displays since the launch of 720p, or HD, over a decade ago. A couple of last minute points .. If you plan to buy a 4K TV makes sure you get the latest HDMI cable 2.0 and don’t go for the cheap option for a 4K TV. The price you pay you might as well buy a High Quality 2K TV or wait a year for the prices to come down. For the latest TV's offered from our store visit our list of LCD/LED TVs.
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